Teaching swimming, drowning prevention for children

In summer, most of children would like play for entertainment and relaxation. Thus, their parents always think about the fear of injury, especially drowning. Last May, a child drowned on Quy Nhon beach, which continued to raise worries of water accidents. Swimming training for children becomes an urgent task to prevent the unjust deaths.

This June, 120 students of 4 primary schools: Nhon Binh No. 1, Nhon Binh No. 2, Hoang Quoc Viet, Hai Cang will take part in swimming classes for students organized by Binh Dinh Chapter collaborating with Quy Nhon Department of Education and Training, funded by German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) through German Red Cross.

This summer, I am going to learn swimming

From 29th May to 2nd June, 30 students of Nhon Binh No.1 Primary School (Nhon Binh ward) focused on learning swimming skills. There were two sessions per day. It lasted one hour for a session. The students were taught and practiced actions such as leg kicking, breathing under water, how to float on water, freestyle stroke and breaststroke techniques… Three teachers guided and took care of the students. Last Mid-May, those teachers were trained swimming techniques and swimming teaching methods by coaches of the provincial Sport Training Centre.

“It is easy to realize that although students in three wards: Nhon Binh, Hai Cang, Thi Nai live near lakes, sea, rivers, most of the children are not able to swim. Their parents are too poor to be really interested in the children’s swimming skills “.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Trinh – Teacher of Nhon Binh No.1 Primary School, one of the three teachers teaching swimming, said that: “During five days, we have tried to help our students familiar with water, practice leg kicking, swimming techniques with the objective that each students can swim continuously from 5 up to 10 meters, float on water surface for 10 minutes at the end of the course.”

According to Mr. Trinh, last summer, a lot of students were learned how to swim within another project. Therefore, although the current course just started, 1/3 of the students could swim about 10 meters. Those other students could float on the water surface and swim about 5 meters by the end of the class.

Huynh Pham Na Sa, a pupil of class 5A, said: “This is the first time I learn how to swim. Thus, I am very excited! Thanks to my teachers and my own efforts, currently I could swim about a half distance of the swimming pool!”

Drowning prevention for children

Drowning prevention for children

Tran Nu Ho Tram Tram, a student of class 5B, who learned swimming last year, but still would like to register for the swimming class this year. She said: “Swimming not only helps me avoid accidents but also grow my height. My parents encouraged me to learn swimming with my teachers. They usually wake me every early morning, took me to the school on time in order for me to go to the swimming pool by bus.”

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, 39 years old, who is the mother of a student in grade 4, usually went to the swimming class with her child every day. She felt comfortable when she found her child was not scared of water any more. Her child was keen on practicing swimming with friends. She said that the swimming class not only provided her child with life skills but also helped her child become steady, discover the child’s new and useful abilities.

Strengthening the schools’ capacities

Four primary schools in 3 wards (Nhon Binh, Hai Cang, Thi Nai) located near the sea, rivers, lakes are benefiting from the project “Flood proofing and drainage for medium-sized coastal cities in Vietnam for adaption to climate change”. Those schools highly appreciated the practicality of the swimming training class for students. “In the context that bringing swimming classes for students to schools is still challenging to local educational department due to lack of infrastructures and funds, the swimming classes are very meaningful as they helped improve the children’s health as well as prevent drowning accidents.”, said Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong, Principal of Hoang Quoc Viet Primary School.

It is easy to realise that although students in three wards: Nhon Binh, Hai Cang, Thi Nai living near lakes, sea, rivers, most of them do not know how to swim. Their parents are so poor that they do not really care about their children’s swimming skills. “Through a survey, we also found that although MOET has orientated teaching swimming for students in schools, up to now, there were no public schools which have implemented this activity. In order to prevent drowning accidents, teaching swimming for primary school students has been started since the end of the school year”, shared Mr. Le Phong, the Project Officer of Binh Dinh Chapter.

Ms. Bui Thi Minh Chau, the Project Officer of German Red Cross in Binh Dinh province, also informed that: “Unlike many other projects only invited coaches to teach swimming skills directly to students, swimming training for teachers is a way to build long-term human resources for teaching swimming for students at schools. Within our project, it is not feasible for us to teach swimming skills for all students, but thanks to the human resources, we do hope that those schools can replicate swimming training for more students in the future.”

Written by Nguyen Muoi – Binh Dinh Newspaper’s journalist

Translated into English by Bui Thi Minh Chau – GRC PO

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