Adapting to climate change

Chicken Breeding Adapted to Climate Change in Quang Nam Province

After fighting in the War I returned home with only one leg and many other injuries, so I rely on Mrs. Phung and the children to do the heavy work around the house. Finding work with only one leg is difficult and our family income was very low. Wanting to do something to contribute to […]

Mitigating Climate Change

Tay Giang Story of a Stove – Past and Present

To Cơ Tu ethnic-minority people (Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province), the custom of sitting in the kitchen and presenting firewood is a longstanding culture beauty. Using a traditional stove, women must go to the fields and/or into the forest daily to cut and bring back firewood. However, in the context of fuel shortage and women need to pay more attention to their health, Malteser International supported to implement a campaign to encourage the use of firewood saving stoves.

Disaster Risk Management

Widening the participation of people with disabilities by removing information barriers through accessible digital information systems (DAISY)

The project “Building capacity and removing barriers for people with disabilities in learning about Disaster Risk Management through accessible digital information systems” was launched in Vietnam on 12 January 2016. The event was organized at the office of Lift You Up, located in the Centre for Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for the Young Blind in […]


Training on Communication Planning Skills

During 8-11 May 2015, the Central Climate Change Network (CCN) organized a training course “Skills on Behavior Change Communication Planning”. The training course is under the framework of the project “Forming and developing a network of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in Central Vietnam” funded by Plan International and implemented by the Center for Rural Development in Central Vietnam.