Experience gained from a project

Working methods of Malteser International employees have impacted mine. Once a teacher at a high school, I was mobilized to work as an officer of Duy Thu Communal People’s Committee. During my working here, I have had many opportunities to increase training knowledge, skills and methods for adults involving various audiences such as social workers, rural farmers, and especially the persons with disabilities.

During my participation in the project, it could be said in a few words “I’ve changed so much!” In terms of awareness, I no longer think of disaster risk management to be not only the responsibility of the local authority but also the task of every person including those with disabilities and in all countries all over the world. I also changed my perception and evaluation about the participation, presentation of persons with disabilities in activities of disaster risk management because “Disabled person could do many things like the normal persons do if we know how to be friendly, how to motivate and inspire their confidence”.

Regarding the application of training skills and methods  for adults, I first met many obstacles. However, after participating in training of trainers and taking part in training for the local residents of villages, I have changed my thinking and found ways to apply training skills from the project trainers. Finally, I learned the process “experience-based teaching” and flexible application of relevant skills. For example, relevant skills include: coordination skills, asking questions, listening, explanation, using intuitive tools, etc. This helps my trainees as disabled persons, management board and rescue teams of villages understand my speaking. Previously, when I was teaching at high school, I used to apply “group work” method but its efficiency is not high because of not drawing on much experience. When participating in training in the framework of the project, I clearly see the positive aspect when using this method. If utilizing it for group work together with other skills to mobilize the participation of trainees, the proposed training objectives will achieve high efficiency. During my participation in project activities, I also learned more gentle, calm and flexible manner to handle difficult problems that trainees raised during my presentation (learning from Malteser International staff).

The methods of working of Malteser staff has impacted my working in the past and the future: serious when working, enthusiastic and attaching special attention to the audience when training, learning from local residents to progress together.

Nguyen Van Ke, community center staff under CPC Duy Thu, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province.

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